Fireworks At The SEC (Gary Gensler Gets ROASTED)

Here’s a possible intro: If you thought the recent fireworks in the stock market were exciting, wait until you hear about the sparklers that lit up the SEC. That’s right, Gary Gensler, the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, didn’t just get a little heat from his colleagues – he got roasted. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what happened and what it might mean for the future of finance. But beware: the flames of controversy are hot, and the sparks of opinion are flying. Let’s dive in.

Fireworks At The SEC (Gary Gensler Gets ROASTED)


The crypto community is buzzing after the recent hearing with the new SEC chairman, Gary Gensler. There were high expectations for this hearing, but it quickly turned into a heated conversation. Crypto enthusiasts had many questions for Gensler, but the answers they received were not what they were hoping for. In this article, we will delve into the highlights of the hearing and review the intense discussion between Gary Gensler and the crypto community.

The Highlights

iTrust Capital offers Crypto Retirement Accounts

During the hearing, Gensler was asked about crypto retirement accounts. iTrust Capital is leading the charge on this front, and it would have been great to get Gensler’s thoughts on this development. Unfortunately, Gensler did not offer any insight into the matter.

BitGet exchange is recommended for trading

One of the topics that came up was the rising popularity of the BitGet exchange. Gensler did not mention the platform, but many in the crypto community believe it offers an excellent trading experience. BitGet is worth checking out for any crypto traders who want to try a new platform.

Get 10% off Bitcoin Miami tickets using code BITBOY

Crypto enthusiasts were ecstatic about the upcoming Bitcoin Miami event. Several speakers have been announced, and one of them is the popular influencer BitBoy. Notably, anyone who registers with the code BITBOY will receive a 10% discount on their ticket.

BitLab Academy provides crypto learning materials

Several high-profile figures in the crypto sphere emphasized the importance of education during the hearing. BitLab Academy is a great resource for information on crypto markets and blockchain technology. They provide various learning materials and courses for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge.

Cold storage options for protecting crypto: BC Vault, Ledger, Trezor

Gensler was asked about the best practices for storing digital assets. He recommended using cold storage solutions like BC Vault and Ledger. Trezor was also mentioned as an excellent option for those looking to store their crypto assets securely.

CoinLedger, Token Metrics, Lux Algo, and Market Cipher are recommended tools for crypto investment

Gensler was also asked about his stance on crypto investment platforms. He revealed that certain tools, like CoinLedger, Token Metrics, Lux Algo, and Market Cipher, can help investors make informed decisions. These platforms provide valuable data and insights into the crypto market to assist investors in making informed decisions.

Hit Merch offers a variety of crypto merch

Another topic that came up was crypto merchandise. Hit Merch was mentioned as a popular online retailer for crypto enthusiasts. For anyone looking to show their support for their favorite digital assets, Hit Merch has a broad range of crypto-themed apparel and accessories.

Instructions for staking Cardano with BitPool are available at

Staking Cardano is a popular way to earn passive income in the crypto community. BitPool offers staking services for Cardano, and detailed instructions can be found on Anyone looking to get started with staking can use these resources to learn more about the process.

BitBoy Crypto can be found on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Minds

Finally, we can’t forget to mention where to find BitBoy Crypto on social media. BitBoy has a strong presence on various platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Minds. He provides valuable insights into the crypto markets and shares entertaining content for his followers.


The hearing with SEC Chairman Gary Gensler was a crucial event for the crypto community. It highlighted the growing importance of digital assets and how the SEC plans to tackle regulation. Although Gensler did not provide all the answers we were hoping for, there are still plenty of tools and resources available to help navigate the world of crypto. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to conduct their research and make informed decisions based on their own risk tolerance.


  1. Are crypto retirement accounts available yet?
  • Yes, iTrust Capital offers crypto retirement accounts.
  1. Where can I find valuable learning resources for crypto markets and blockchain technology?
  • BitLab Academy provides various learning materials and courses.
  1. What are some recommended cold storage options for protecting crypto?
  • BC Vault, Ledger, and Trezor are popular cold storage solutions.
  1. What tools can help investors make informed decisions for crypto investment?
  • CoinLedger, Token Metrics, Lux Algo, and Market Cipher are all recommended tools.
  1. Where can I find social media updates from BitBoy Crypto?
  • BitBoy Crypto can be found on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Minds.

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