ITrust Capital – Interview With Kevin Maloney

Get ready to gain exclusive insights from a one-of-a-kind interview with Kevin Maloney, the founder, CEO, and driving force behind ITrust Capital. As one of the leading figures in the cryptocurrency industry, Kevin has been responsible for revolutionizing the way people invest in digital assets. In this interview, we delve deep into his personal journey, the inspiration behind ITrust Capital, and his vision for the future of the industry. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with an expert who knows it best.


In the world of cryptocurrency, securing your assets is of utmost importance. With the constantly-evolving technology, various entities, institutions, and companies are continually looking for ways that they can protect their clients’ funds securely. One company, iTrust Capital, has taken a unique approach to crypto retirement accounts with a prioritization of safety and security.

The CEO of iTrust Capital, Kevin Maloney, sat down with us to discuss the importance of custodianship and the company’s conservative approach to crypto retirement accounts.

An exclusive interview with Kevin Maloney, CEO of iTrust Capital

We talked with Kevin Maloney, the CEO of iTrust Capital, who shared with us the insights and strategies that the company has implemented to ensure the safety and security of its clients’ funds.

The discussion is about the importance of custodianship and iTrust’s conservative approach to crypto retirement accounts

According to Maloney, iTrust Capital takes an extremely conservative approach to custodianship and custody of assets. The company uses an industry-leading cryptocurrency custodian, Curv, to ensure that the company assets are secure. iTrust Capital ensures that all assets are always held in cold storage, meaning that they are never connected to the Internet.

He added that they have numerous mechanisms to prevent hacking attempts, and the Curv system offers multi-signing and multi-factor authentication for added security.

iTrust Capital prioritizes safety and security in their approach

Maloney emphasized that iTrust Capital places great significance on security. With their conservative approach, clients can trust that their digital assets will be kept secure at all times. The company is also insured through Lloyd’s of London, providing an extra layer of protection.

Furthermore, iTrust Capital provides regular audits and keeps its clients’ assets separately from the company’s own. Even in the unlikely event of iTrust Capital going out of business, the clients’ assets will still be recoverable.

Interested individuals can check out iTrust Capital for Crypto Retirement Accounts

For those interested in investing in cryptocurrency with iTrust Capital, they can sign up on the company’s website. The process is smooth, and prospective investors can open a crypto retirement account with only a few clicks.

BitGet, BitBoy and BitSquad

Apart from iTrust Capital, there are other secure exchange platforms like BitGet, which provides users with security first. BitBoy, the partner of BitGet, has ensured a highly functional and stable platform with top-notch security measures in place.

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Another company, BitSquad, offers a wide range of crypto tools, including tax help, research, market cipher trading, and more. With BitSquad, users can access a dedicated team of cryptocurrency experts who provide in-depth analysis and insights on the industry.


iTrust Capital CEO, Kevin Maloney, provided valuable insights on his company’s approach to custodianship and its conservative approach to handling crypto retirement accounts. The high levels of security and safety that iTrust Capital prioritizes ensure that clients’ digital assets are always safe.

Interested individuals can check out iTrust Capital’s services on their website and open an account with only a few clicks. Apart from iTrust Capital, other companies like BitGet, BitBoy, and BitSquad also offer secure platforms and valuable tools for those interested in cryptocurrency.


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