Tactical Investing: ASIC Manufacturer’s Are Dirty

Welcome to today’s blog post, where we’ll be discussing the controversial topic of tactical investing in the world of ASIC manufacturers. In particular, we’ll be uncovering some dirty secrets that are often swept under the rug. As a dedicated SEO writer, I will be providing you with informative and thought-provoking insights without any unnecessary fluff or incomplete sentences. So, let’s dive in and explore the truths about tactical investing and ASIC manufacturers.


As investors, we are always on the lookout for the best financial opportunities. When we heard about how much money could be made from cryptocurrency mining, we jumped on the bandwagon like everyone else. Unfortunately, what started as a promising venture quickly turned sour. We soon discovered that the world of ASIC manufacturers was a dirty one. In this article, we will explain what has happened and what you can do about it.

ASIC Manufacturers’ Devious Tactics

ASIC manufacturers are companies that create specialized hardware specifically designed for the profitable mining of cryptocurrency. However, they are not always upfront about the true nature of their products. By using various marketing tactics, these companies trick miners into buying hardware that isn’t as profitable as advertised.

False Promises

Some ASIC manufacturers make false claims about their products’ mining potential with unrealistic profit percentages. They do this to lure miners into purchasing their hardware. However, after investing time and money, the only profitable entity is the manufacturer.

Limited Availability

Often, these manufacturers have limited stock available for their products, which creates a sense of urgency to purchase. The products sell out in seconds, leaving many hopeful miners empty-handed. This also drives the retail price up on online markets like eBay.

Mining Profitability

ASIC manufacturers design hardware that can only mine a specific cryptocurrency, making it difficult to switch to other profitable coins. As a result, the hardware becomes obsolete and miners are forced to constantly upgrade their mining rigs to stay profitable. This constant upgrading and reinvestment makes mining less profitable for individuals.

What Can You Do?

As investors in the mining industry, we cannot completely avoid the deceitful tactics of ASIC manufacturers. We can, however, take steps to mitigate the risks.

Networking Through Social Media

Networking with other miners through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook can help us stay informed. You can follow prominent mining professionals like the Tactical Investing Twitter and YouTube channels to stay ahead of the news. Additionally, Locals offers exclusive content for members, making it a good option to stay informed.


One way to prevent being duped by ASIC manufacturers is through education. An example of where miners can take courses is sonofatech.com. The Crypto Mining Ecourse can help miners understand the basics of mining and plan their mining operations.

Choosing Alternative Cryptocurrencies

By shifting towards alternative cryptocurrencies like Ergo, ETH, ETC, and ZIL, we can avoid reliance on ASIC hardware designed for mainstream mining. These cryptocurrencies do not require specialized hardware.

Alternative Sources

Miners can also explore alternative sources of income that are not reliant on ASIC hardware. Affiliate links on websites like Amazon, Coastal Crypto Mining, HiveOS, Trezor, Cryptocom, BT Miners, CashApp, PrimeXBT, Parallel Miner, and Coinbase can help earn commission on sales.


In conclusion, the world of cryptocurrency mining has its share of challenges. One of the most significant challenges is the unethical tactics of ASIC manufacturers. By networking, educating ourselves, and exploring other options, we can mitigate some of the risks associated with ASIC mining hardware.


  1. Are all ASIC manufacturers deceitful?
  • No, not all ASIC manufacturers use unethical tactics. However, it’s essential to research and purchase from reputable manufacturers.
  1. Should I ignore the promise of high profits?
  • Yes, be cautious of unrealistic profit percentages. Instead, research and choose reliable and profitable coins to mine.
  1. How can I stay ahead of the game?
  • You can stay informed via social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to follow Tactical Investing’s Twitter and YouTube channels.
  1. Are there any courses to improve my mining skills?
  • Yes, sonofatech.com offers a Crypto Mining Ecourse, which can help understand the basics of mining and plan mining operations.
  1. What other options are available to earn an income?
  • Miners can use affiliate links on websites like Amazon, Coastal Crypto Mining, HiveOS, Trezor, Cryptocom, BT Miners, CashApp, PrimeXBT, Parallel Miner, and Coinbase to earn commission on sales.
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