I am incredibly excited to share with you the latest news about the skyrocketing price of Bitcoin. It is truly mind-blowing to see how this digital currency has reached new heights of value. In this blog post, I will delve into the reasons why Bitcoin has become super expensive, with a special focus on the revolutionary technology called KASPA. Stay tuned to uncover the secrets behind this extraordinary phenomenon. So, let’s dive right in!



Hey there folks! In this article, I am going to delve into an intriguing video I stumbled upon recently – “Bitcoin Just Became Super Expensive” by Digital Asset News. This captivating video sheds some light on the reasons behind the surge in Bitcoin transaction fees. So, let’s dive in, shall we?

Bitcoin Transaction Fees: What’s the Deal?

Bitcoin has been making waves in the world of cryptocurrency for quite some time now. However, one aspect that has caught the attention of many enthusiasts and investors is the increase in transaction fees. But why is this happening? In the video, Digital Asset News explores the key factors contributing to this rise.

The Impact of Ordinals on Bitcoin Fees

One of the primary reasons for the spike in Bitcoin transaction fees is the emergence of ordinals. Ordinals are unique tokens built on top of the Bitcoin network, designed to bring additional functionalities and enhancements. As the popularity of these tokens grows, the demand for Bitcoin transactions increases, leading to higher fees.

Kaspa: A Game-Changing Website

In the quest for solutions to the increasing Bitcoin transaction fees, one platform stands out – Kaspa. Kaspa is a revolutionary website that offers a decentralized public blockchain infrastructure. Its goal is to provide scalability and improved functionality for the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. To know more about Kaspa, head over to their website at

Exploring OrdSpace: A Critical Tool

Another platform worth mentioning in tackling the Bitcoin fee dilemma is OrdSpace. OrdSpace provides a user-friendly environment to access the potential of the BRC20 token standard within the Kaspa ecosystem. If you want to explore the exciting possibilities of OrdSpace, visit

My Crypto Strategy: Selling 80% by 2025

In the mentioned video, “Bitcoin Just Became Super Expensive,” the creator reveals their personal crypto strategy. They discuss their plan to sell a significant portion, 80% to be exact, of their cryptocurrencies by 2025. This strategic move aims to capitalize on the current market conditions and secure profits for the future.

Avoiding Crypto Mistakes: A Valuable Resource

When it comes to venturing into the world of cryptocurrencies, avoiding mistakes is crucial. To help crypto enthusiasts steer clear of common pitfalls, Digital Asset News recommends watching a video titled “Avoid Crypto Mistakes” at This resourceful video offers insightful tips and tricks to navigate the crypto market successfully.

Important Dates for Withdrawals

To ensure a smooth transition in your crypto journey, take note of these significant dates related to withdrawals from popular platforms:

  1. On June 12th, 2022, at 11 am, it is advised to withdraw all your crypto from Celsius.
  2. Withdrawals on Celsius will be frozen on June 12th, 2022, at 9 pm.
  3. On June 22nd, 2022, make sure to take all your crypto off Voyager.
  4. Withdrawals on Voyager will be frozen on July 1st, 2022.


In conclusion, the surge in Bitcoin transaction fees, as discussed in the video “Bitcoin Just Became Super Expensive” by Digital Asset News, has been attributed to the rise in popularity and usage of ordinals. Additionally, platforms like Kaspa and OrdSpace offer promising solutions to the fee dilemma. Remember to stay informed about important dates for withdrawals to ensure a seamless crypto experience. Happy investing!

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