“Blackrock is BAD for Bitcoin” | Biggest Bitcoin Podcast in THE WORLD Shares Tips on Success

In the fiercely debated realm of Bitcoin, Blackrock emerges as a prominent figure, stirring up both curiosity and controversy. With their vast influence and expansive reach, they have undoubtedly made their mark on the digital currency landscape. However, as the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” In this blog post, we delve into the intriguing topic of why Blackrock’s impact on Bitcoin may not be as favorable as it may initially seem. Our aim is to present a balanced perspective showcasing the insights and tips on success shared by the biggest Bitcoin podcast in the world.

Blackrock is BAD for Bitcoin


In the world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin remains the dominant player. It has garnered attention from individuals and institutions across the globe. One such individual is Peter McCormack, the host of the hugely popular podcast ‘What Bitcoin Did.’ In a recent video, titled “Blackrock is BAD for Bitcoin,” he shares his thoughts on various topics related to Bitcoin, success, and the crypto industry as a whole. This article will delve into Peter McCormack’s insights from the video and provide an overview of the discussion.

Peter McCormack of ‘What Bitcoin Did’ Joins for a Discussion on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, and More

In this captivating video, Peter McCormack engages in a discussion about Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins, and various other aspects of the crypto industry. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he provides valuable insights that both novices and seasoned investors can benefit from.

Peter McCormack’s Journey: Discovering Bitcoin and Starting ‘What Bitcoin Did’ Podcast

Peter McCormack’s journey into the world of Bitcoin began when he discovered the cryptocurrency and its potential. Intrigued by its underlying technology and the possibilities it offered, he decided to share his newfound passion with the world. This led to the creation of his renowned podcast, ‘What Bitcoin Did,’ where he interviews industry experts and explores the various facets of Bitcoin in detail.

A Strong Advocate for Bitcoin: Focusing Exclusively on the Leading Cryptocurrency

Unlike many other podcast hosts, Peter McCormack is a strong advocate for Bitcoin and focuses exclusively on this digital currency. By dedicating his time and efforts solely to Bitcoin, he has truly become an expert in the field. His in-depth knowledge and understanding have made him a trusted source of information for Bitcoin enthusiasts worldwide.

Peter Shares His Thoughts on Udi/Eric Wall Bitcoiners

During the video, Peter McCormack shares his thoughts on Udi Wertheimer and Eric Wall, two prominent figures in the Bitcoin community. While both individuals have made significant contributions to the crypto space, McCormack offers his analysis and provides his unique perspective on their ideas and opinions.

Podcast Revenue, Profits, and Downloads: Revealing the Secrets of Success

Peter McCormack divulges details about the success of his podcast, including revenue, profits, and download numbers. By sharing his own experiences, he provides valuable insights into the business side of podcasting and offers advice to aspiring podcasters seeking similar success.

Peter Talks About His Craziest Podcast Episode and Shares His Best Business Advice

In the video, Peter McCormack divulges intriguing details about his craziest podcast episode. This anecdote not only entertains but also sheds light on the unpredictable nature of the podcasting world. Additionally, he shares his best business advice, derived from his own experiences, to help budding entrepreneurs navigate the competitive landscape.

Why Chase Bank Banned Bitcoin for UK Customers and Peter’s Bitcoin Prediction for 2024

During the discussion, Peter McCormack delves into the controversial decision by Chase Bank to ban Bitcoin for its UK customers. He provides an insightful analysis of the banking industry’s stance on cryptocurrencies and speculates on the future impact of such policies. Furthermore, he offers his own Bitcoin prediction for 2024, providing viewers with a glimpse into the potential trajectory of the crypto industry.

Peter Finds Drama Surrounding BitBoy to be His Guilty Pleasure

In a lighthearted moment, Peter McCormack confesses that he finds the drama surrounding BitBoy, another prominent figure in the crypto space, to be his guilty pleasure. This remark showcases the dynamic and multifaceted nature of the cryptocurrency community.


Peter McCormack’s video “Blackrock is BAD for Bitcoin” offers an insightful and engaging discussion on various aspects of the crypto industry. From Bitcoin and altcoins to podcast success and the drama surrounding influential figures, McCormack provides a wealth of information that is both educational and entertaining. As the host of ‘What Bitcoin Did,’ he continues to play a significant role in guiding and shaping the crypto community’s understanding of this transformative technology.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is the title of Peter McCormack’s video?

    • The title of the video is “Blackrock is BAD for Bitcoin.”
  2. What is the focus of Peter McCormack’s podcast?

    • Peter McCormack’s podcast focuses exclusively on Bitcoin.
  3. What is Peter McCormack’s best business advice?

    • Peter McCormack shares his best business advice, derived from his own experiences, in the video.
  4. What is Peter McCormack’s Bitcoin prediction for 2024?

    • Peter McCormack provides his Bitcoin prediction for 2024 during the discussion in the video.
  5. Who does Peter McCormack find to be his guilty pleasure in the crypto community?

    • Peter McCormack confesses that he finds the drama surrounding BitBoy to be his guilty pleasure.
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