MICHAEL SAYLOR: ‘Bitcoin Is A Screaming Buy’ Hold On To It And Stomach The Volatility!!

As the world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve, the opinions of experts in the field are becoming increasingly valuable. Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, is one such expert who has been making headlines recently for his strong belief in Bitcoin. In fact, he has gone so far as to call it a “screaming buy” and has encouraged investors to hold on to it despite any volatility. In this blog post, we will explore Saylor’s thoughts on Bitcoin and why he believes it’s worth holding onto for the long term.


When it comes to cryptocurrencies, few people can speak as passionately about them as Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy. Saylor has long been one of the biggest advocates for Bitcoin, and in recent months, his confidence in the cryptocurrency has only grown. In fact, if you listen to him talk about Bitcoin, you’ll likely come away thinking that he believes it’s a surefire way to get rich.

In this article, we’re going to examine Michael Saylor’s views on Bitcoin and why he believes it’s a “screaming buy” despite the volatility in the market.

Bitcoin’s Inevitable $5 Million Price Tag

Saylor caused quite a stir when he announced in February 2021 that he believed Bitcoin would eventually reach a price tag of $5 million per coin. This bold prediction has attracted a lot of attention, with some people calling him crazy and others hailing him as a visionary.

The reason that Saylor believes in such a high price tag is that he sees Bitcoin as a replacement for all indexes as monetary index money. In other words, he thinks that Bitcoin has the potential to become the global standard for measuring the value of money. This could give it a $200 to $300 trillion addressable market, which is a staggering figure.

Bitcoin: Thermodynamically Sound Money

Saylor has also argued that Bitcoin is “engineered thermodynamically sound money.” This means that unlike fiat currencies, which can be printed indefinitely, Bitcoin has limits built into its design. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoins in existence, and this scarcity gives it a level of value that other currencies can’t match.

Moreover, Bitcoin has a dominant network that is growing at an increasingly rapid pace. Saylor has noted that the number of people using Bitcoin is exploding, and he thinks that this trend is only going to continue as more people become aware of its potential.

Hold on to Bitcoin and Stomach the Volatility

Of course, all of this growth and potential comes with a significant amount of volatility. Over the past few years, Bitcoin has been subject to massive price swings, with some investors making a fortune while others have lost their shirts.

Saylor acknowledges this volatility but argues that it’s simply part of the game. He has advised investors to hold on to their Bitcoins and stomach the ups and downs of the market. He thinks that in the long run, the potential rewards far outweigh the risks.

A Bullish Crypto Market

Saylor has also noted that a potential banking crisis could turn the crypto market bullish. If traditional financial institutions falter, people may flock to cryptocurrencies as a safe haven for their money. This could drive up demand and prices for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


In conclusion, Michael Saylor’s faith in Bitcoin is unwavering. He thinks that it’s a “screaming buy” and that its potential is almost limitless. Of course, there are risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies, and no one can predict the future with certainty. However, Saylor’s track record in the industry and his passionate advocacy for Bitcoin make him a voice worth listening to.


  1. Is it safe to invest in Bitcoin?

There’s no such thing as a completely safe investment, and cryptocurrencies are no exception. However, many people believe that Bitcoin has the potential to deliver significant returns over the long term.

  1. Can Bitcoin really reach a price tag of $5 million per coin?

Only time will tell if Saylor’s prediction is correct. However, he makes a compelling case for why he thinks Bitcoin could become the world’s dominant monetary index.

  1. Is it wise to hold on to Bitcoin during periods of extreme volatility?

Saylor would argue that holding on to Bitcoin during periods of volatility is essential. If you believe in the long-term potential of the cryptocurrency, short-term fluctuations shouldn’t worry you too much.

  1. Could a banking crisis turn people into Bitcoin investors?

It’s certainly possible. If traditional financial institutions start to falter, people may start to look for alternatives. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer an appealing alternative to the traditional financial system.

  1. Is Michael Saylor one of the most important figures in the cryptocurrency industry?

Absolutely. Saylor’s outspoken advocacy for Bitcoin and his successful track record in the industry make him a highly respected figure in the cryptocurrency community.

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